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http://effectofpithrudhosham.blogspot.in/ Pithru Dhosham and its Effect
http://srinivaanparvathasm.blogspot.in/ Failure of Love Or OneSide Love Affair
http://knvasnastrooger.blogspot.in/ Misunderstanding amoung Wife and Husband & Relationship with Others as per Astrology
http://parvathem0879.blogspot.in/ Astrological Tuition from SivaSakthi Jothidalayam
http://sirinivasantrade.blogspot.in/ Commodity Trading as per Astrology
http://tns1vasan.blogspot.in/ Impotency & Frigidity - Astrological Points
http://srinivasanpar.blogspot.in/ Astrology - For Court Cases / Perfect Remedies
http://srinivasanparva.blogspot.in/ Planets, Numerology, Nameology for Success in Career and Business
http://nsvasanastrologer.blogspot.in/2014/04/as-per-vedic-astrology-mandhi-is.html MANDHI and its Influence on most of Dhosham
http://vasanastrologer1950.blogspot.in/ Planet cause Diabetes / Planets Influence for Diabetes and Remedies
http://srinivasanparvatham.blogspot.in/ Astrological Significations of Mental Illness
http://srinivasanparvatham55.blogspot.in/ Medical Astrology on Cancer (Saturn Moon Combination & Cancer Disease)
http://parvatham0879.blogspot.in/ Reasons for delay in Getting Marriage
http://sivasakthiastrology.blogspot.in/ Separation or Divorce in Married Life
http://knvasanjothidar.blogspot.in/ Chevvai Dhosam or Mangal Dhosham Clarification
http://knvastrologer.blogspot.in/ Health Aspect as per Astrology
http://sivasakthijothidam.blogspot.in/ Childlessness - Adoption of Children & Connected Matters as per Astrology
http://vasanastrologer.blogspot.in/ Matching of Horoscope for Marriage
http://knvasanastrologer.blogspot.in/ Separation and Divorce in Married Life
http://vasanasstrologer.blogspot.in/ Vasan Astrologer, Numerologist and Medical Astrologer
http://breakingmarriedlife.blogspot.in/ Separation or Divorce in Married Life
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