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Success in Love Astrology

There are specific planet position which cause people to fall in love. You may be attracted towards someone when the particular Dasha of the lord of the ascendant is running in a birth chart. Issues related to love are to beanalyzed through the 5th house in a Horoscope.
Due to Venus’s weak position not only leads the native to total failure in life but gives him/her pain for life time, remembrance of the failure of lovepricks in his/her heart for life time. The more the Venus weak in horoscope chart the more he/she will have to suffer in love. Venus’s retrograde motionin horoscope chart also shows failure in love relationship. When Mars sees Venus with its full sight in horoscope chart the Native separate from his/herlove partner.
The Native fails to get love from his partner in case of Venus is influenced by Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in his/her horoscope chart.
When Venus gets the strong position in the horoscope chart and it remains under the influence of benefic planets especially Moon, Jupiter & Mercury then Love & Romance grows in the life of Native. He/She gets the helpful people & friend, his/her love, romance flourish under the support of friends & supporters. He/She gets success definitely in his/her love relationship.
It is crystal clear that strong Venus is the indication of success in Love & weak Venus is the failure in the Love.
But apart from all things I would like to make it clear that with one sight on horoscope birth chart no astrologer can tell you that your Venus or any other planet is strong or weak. As per Vedic astrology there are sixteen types of horoscope chart. To predict only ascendant chart is not enough but Shodash Varg & Ashtak Varg are also equally very important. To know the power of any planet thorough study & deep analysis of Shodash Varg and Ashtak Varg is essential. A person may fall in love when he/she is under the influence of the Dasha of the 5th lord or the Dasha of a planet placed inthe 5th house. In Vedic astrology, marriage is predicted by analyzing the seventh house. If the Dasha of the seventh lord or the Dasha of planets placed in the 7th house is running, then also the person may fall in love.
9th house is five houses ahead of the 5th house. Hence, the Dasha of the 9th house lord or the Dasha of a planet placed in the ninth house will cause a love affair.


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