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Numerology is the mathematically-exact method of revealing your desires, fortune, and what is most likely to happen in the future — selecting your name on the basis of your birth date Star and horoscope. Coining the name in accordance with the horoscope and date of birth your fortune will be assured and ill effect will be minimized.
No other science, esoteric or otherwise, can give you the correctness of your name to help you or your child for their prosperous.
Numerology is the art of determining tendencies and likelihoods pertaining to your present and future using the numbers of your birth date, star, Lagnam, Rasi and Bhakyathipathi. The numerical number which arrived in correlation with these factors and the selecting the names accordingly is the right way to name a child for its prosperous. This number will certainly determine the child’s health, wealth, education and all other factor.The numerology reading form has been used thousands and thousands of times. Since we have recommended over 2,000 profiles as per the veidic astrology and numerology we have vast experience in this field.
We also specialized in dhosha parikarams, casting horoscopes and prediction there on.

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